Art Exhibit April 27th!!!!!!

Art Exhibit April 27th!!!!!!

My “sHarlem World” Exhibit hosted by Casa Frela Gallery is this April 27th, my birthday weekenddddd 🙂

Perfect gift. So grateful. Beyond excited.

Time to get to work!

…oh btw….that wine is to paint with…..

although I may sneak a few sips here and there



…now i know understand the meaning of rose coloured glasses. i know understand the meaning of rose coloured glasses.

Had no idea I’ve been rocking a pair of these “glasses” for the majority of my 25-26 years.

maaaaaybe I should peer over the top of them, and glance around like the old ladies and librarians do lol



How is the flower?…

How is the flower?...

“Flowers are very important in the Yaqui culture. According to Yaqui teachings, flowers sprang up from the drops of blood that were shed at the Crucifixion.

Flowers are viewed as the manifestation of souls. Occasionally Yaqui men may greet a close male friend with the phrase Haisa sewa? (“How is the flower?”)”

Good morning!!


Well damn…I’ve been slacking.

Well gee.

I feel like a big quitter. Lol

The point was to post my adventures daily and my last was Jan.20th??

Smh. No good.

A lot has been going on. The day to day stuff mixed in with exciting stuff that for whatever reason I can’t remember right now…

It’ll come to me eventually lol



So this all went down at Yoav Libermans art event at Casa Frela gallery.

The weather was shitttttty but the turnout was phenomenal. Looking forward to the next event this Saturday 🙂




Boulevard Bistro in Harlem, had a tasting yesterday and invited Casa Frela Gallery over to check it out. It was lovely of course!

It definitely got packed in there but unfortunately I had to cut out early due to family coming over for the Superbowl (which was awesome)

I skipped over a few things that’s been going on because Id rather wait for confirmation on some new art gigs 😉

Stay tuned!


Round 2 of the wall painting sketch is coming to an end.


I woke up to find that amazing horoscope.

Cool huh 🙂

Now you knoooooow I was beyond inspired after reading that.


So i jumped out of bed, and made some of the best damn coffee I’ve had in a while…


The sketch is still an awesome work-in-progress.

I managed to work all the kinks out so the “work” is more fun than annoying, or a burden at this point. (This time I’ll make sure to post the finished sketch when I’m done)

Now taking a mini break.

…. ❤ this "job".


I’m JUST starting to gather myself from yesterday.



Where do I start….

Well first I’ll start by saying yesterday was a nice blur.

Exactly that.

A nice blur of laughs, drinks, work, friends & family.

I WOULD just let pictures tell the story but that’s not fair.

So I’ll caption them lol

Hey I’m still working on this second sketch (due tomorrow)

So “ain’t nobody got time for that!”


This was me watching my youngest bro in his aikido class, cheering him on like a proud big sis 🙂



And lastly I have to say a sad and heavy hearted goodbye to the one and only Bar89 in Soho,NYC.

This place holds soooooo many good and major memories in my life, it’s hard to see it go.

Their last day is Jan. 31st and it feels like the end of an era.

If you haven’t been there yet I suggest you get your ass up and go.

Yes it’s that serious.

Happy Fun Time at Casa Frela Gallery


Very productive happy day I’m having I must say….

Still need to get that second Wall Art sketch done tho :-/

But any way!!

Sitting around the Casa Frela office, the owner/creator, and the adoooorable Lawrence passed me one of his postcards that he’d done in 2009.

And I realized once again, why I love working here lol


Gosh I need to get a haircut….if only I could just smear some Nair/hair removal on my head.


Wall Art Sketching…Round 2!!


Back at it!

Sent in my first sketch for the wall painting on 125th street and I’m making the adjustments for the revised sketch as we speak.

With a glass of something “strong” to keep me upbeat and motivated lol


I truly embrace the process for this whole project, even if I have to do a ton more sketches to get there….

Doubt it tho 😉

I’m Harlem raised and so is a good portion of my family. So when this project is done, and my artwork is permanently on that wall….

Honored is the only way I can describe it.

A lot of cool projects lined up for me and I’m so excited to be busy “working”

Best “work” of my life 🙂

Cheers to that!